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:: You are just my love ::

"He called me... Usako... so I should call Mamoru... Mamo-chan."

Usagi and Mamoru.
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Welcome to usagiandmamoru, a community dedicated to the love that
Usagi and Mamoru/Serena and Darien from Sailor Moon share!

Banner made by small_plum.

We are the very first Usagi and Mamoru Community ever made on Livejournal.

^-^ Please, join the community if you're a fan of Usagi/Mamoru, we really aren't bad!

Important: The background was not made by me. You can find it, and a LOT of other neat information about Mamoru at By Starlight.

Go ahead and join, and please do speak about anything that revolves around this romance. No bashing, if you don’t like this coupling, don’t join.

It is also a very strong relationship in the Anime and Manga, as Takeuchi Naoko, the creator, clearly proved.


1: Do not bash this coupling, as said before.
2: Do NOT have a post completely unrelated to the topic, Usagi and Mamoru.
3: Do not just join to advertise.
4: Post anything about Usagi and Mamoru, if it's pictures/icons/fanfics/whatever, put them behind an LJ-cut
5: Don't cause trouble with other members; don't like something, bring it up to small_plum.
6: Have fun!

This isn't a community to advertise RPs, communities, and other things like that. There's other SM communities out there that allow that. This one does not.

If you break any of these rules a total of three times, it will result in banning.


Date created: 2004-02-18 01:56:27.